"Leasing to state

           and local governments"


For transactions over $150,000, it is best to email a request or call your representative.  The request should include the Lessee name (if available), brief equipment description, estimated equipment cost, desired lease term, and payment frequency (if available).


MAM will respond with a rate and payment factor.  Typically, all rates are fixed for 30 days unless a longer rate lock is requested.   



When the contract is awarded, the vendor will contact MAM.  MAM will send the customer a one page Credit Application and request any additional information required.  


48 hours from MAMís receipt of all credit information, we will provide final credit approval for all transactions that meet our credit standards.   Transactions over $250,000 will require additional due diligence.


MAM will prepare documentation within 24 hours of receipt of credit approval. 


A MAM representative will work with the lessee to get the documents properly executed.      


Within 48 hours of receiving a complete set of signed documents, MAM will wire payment to the vendor or to the Escrow Account as appropriate.